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ZoomInfo and Snowflake have teamed up to redefine the go-to-market data pipeline

Data is constantly changing. Today, approximately 30% of people shift jobs every year while corporate data grows 40% per year. Organizations need a seamless connection to capture, unify, and share that data. Which is why ZoomInfo and Snowflake partnered together to improve data delivery services. This partnership gives you more productive sales leads, marketing campaigns, and a larger return on investment for your organization.

Seamless access to the world’s best B2B data

Access ZoomInfo’s industry-leading company & business contact data and integrate with your existing technology stack directly within Snowflake. Rest assured that your data is shared and consumed securely with our robust privacy regulations and best-in-class safeguards.

Custom data services to meet any need

Leverage prebuilt datasets or work with our Data Services team to create custom datasets. Choose from 300+ data attributes to determine your ideal buyer and enjoy the industry’s highest match rates. Then access the data seamlessly via Snowflake.

Drive actionable insights & solutions

Synthesize and analyze raw data right within your Snowflake Data Cloud, your CRM, and other systems of record. Drive insight at scale to better power your go-to-market strategy.

Fuel your go-to-market engine with the most current B2B data

Automatically receive real-time data updates in Snowflake and eliminate data decay. Within Snowflake secure data sharing, ensure the accuracy of data with instantaneous updates. Easily integrate applications via Snowflake connectors,

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The ZoomInfo and Snowflake partnership ensures data accuracy with instantaneous updates. As a result, these data sets help enterprises develop their business intelligence strategies with exactness. Together, ZoomInfo and Snowflake will help companies improve their data delivery from the cloud and power their go-to-market motions more effectively.
Chris Degnan
Chief Revenue Officer, Snowflake

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