5 Ways to Inspect Next Quarter Pipeline — and Take Action

Presented With:
Kyle Coleman, VP, Growth & Enablement, Clari
Scott Sutton, VP, Revenue Operations, ZoomInfo

Thursday, September 3, 2020   |   02:00 PM EDT

Buyer behavior is shifting as rapidly as the news. Even before COVID-19, Gartner accurately described the B2B buyer’s journey more like a maze than a linear process. Sales leaders that break away from this linear thinking can create a competitive advantage.

By constantly refining their ideal buyer profile and staying connected to them throughout the lifecycle, sales teams build revenue more predictably and with less risk.

The best revenue teams can meet current quarter objectives while still setting up future quarter success. . . but what’s the best strategy to build predictability?

Join Clari and ZoomInfo as we share our tips for taking a detailed look at your near-term pipeline and what to keep in mind to accurately forecast the future.

We’ll help you answer questions like:

 – How much pipeline do I need in certain stages to meet next quarter’s quota?

 – What adjustments to my customer acquisition process can most impact my sales velocity?

 – How do we approach segmentation to understand our deal mix, win rates, and coverage requirements?

 – What are the best ways to assess the health of my pipeline closing next quarter?

You will be well on your way to surfacing these insights to create an action plan that best tracks with the overall goals of the business.

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