Are You About to Lose Your Largest Account?

Presented With: Lee Salz, Sales Management Strategist

Tuesday, November 16, 2021   |   2:00 PM EDT

Salespeople often sell incomplete solutions to clients. We sell them a product or two, but not the full, comprehensive solution our company could bring to bear. Our clients continue buying the other components we offer from the competition placing us in a vulnerable position in the accounts and leaving significant dollars on the table. The way to remove vulnerabilities and leverage opportunities is with a conquering accounts strategy.

Join Lee Salz, sales management strategist and bestselling author of “Sales Differentiation,” for a masterclass on developing a conquering accounts strategy. This program is based on his new book “Sell Different! – All New Sales Differentiation Strategies to Outsmart, Outmaneuver, and Outsell the Competition.” 

During this program, he will address:


And much, much more!

This is a great masterclass for sales managers to invite their entire sales teams to join.


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