How to Conduct B2B Sales Prospecting in a GDPR World

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B2B data providers are a key element in the chain of support for organisations looking to scale revenue generation, but not all data platforms or providers are created equal. There are vast differences in data coverage and quality, as well as in the way vendors manage privacy, security, and data compliance of the B2B information they hold. 

At ZoomInfo we understand customers’ concerns around privacy and we take it seriously. It’s why we have the industry’s largest data privacy team and over 400 researchers who ensure data security and compliance is our number 1 priority. And their efforts are not for naught: having the most up to date, accurate data combined with intent and automated workflows has enabled our sellers to grow our international business by 80% YoY.

Join this webinar to understand how thousands of our customers leverage our B2B data to drive their revenue. You will learn:

– Why it’s important to walk the balance between quality over quantity in B2B data

– How data compliance and stewardship impacts sellers’ productivity

– How accurate data and automated workflows can lead to scalable revenue growth

– What practices your organisation can implement to drive best-in-class data practices around data stewardship and sales prospecting


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