Data Hacks that Deliver Sales Pipeline Growth

Presented With: 7 Figure Automation & Tenbound

Tuesday, March 30, 2021   |   02:00 PM EDT

The 80/20 principle is key to navigating today’s complex selling environment and achieving your forecast. Do you know which 20% of your target accounts are producing 80% of the results?

The way you manage data has a direct impact on pipeline velocity, sales cycle time, and win rate (basically everything that matters). That’s why data strategy is crucial. You need to be confident that your sales team is spending their time working on qualified accounts that have a high probability of closing.

So how do you organize a data-driven sales strategy and succeed in the new virtual selling environment?

Register for “Data Hacks that Deliver Sales Pipeline Growth” and learn from our partners 7 Figure Automation and Tenbound as we reveal the secrets to a successful data-driven sales process.

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