How to Create High-Impact Wins from Email Marketing

Presented With: Guy Hudson, Marketing Programs Manager and Meg Walch,Senior Product Marketing Manager

Thursday, September 2, 2021   |   02:30 PM EDT

Let’s be real, marketers just need prospects and customers to open their emails. Whether it be to promote your next webinar, convert cold leads in your nurture program, or promote your newest product launch – emails can get the job done. But it’s not enough to create an email and press send. Improving the way you harness e-mail and use big data will benefit your marketing strategy by helping you reach the right people at the best time with relevant content.

E-mail remains at the center of the marketing mix for most businesses. It’s time to make email marketing work for you to hit your goals! Before you hit send, tune into this marketing webinar to send more emails that convert to future customers. 

What you’ll take away from our experts:


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