Lee Salz Sales Masterclass: How to Neutralize Your Buyers Fear of Change

Presented With: Lee Salz, Sales Management Strategist

Wednesday, April 21, 2021   |   02:00 PM EDT

“My prospect loved the solution we proposed and then stop responding to me.”

Every salesperson has lived this nightmare and more than once. You are left scratching your head wondering where you went wrong. These deals looked so good that you forecasted them at 80%, but they evaporated and now you have to explain this loss to your sales manager. Something killed these deals and you need to figure out what it was to never feel this pain again.

Join Lee Salz, sales management strategist and bestselling author of “Sales Differentiation,” for a masterclass on defeating the ultimate deal killer: fear of change. This program is based on his forthcoming book “Sell Different! – All New Sales Differentiation Strategies to Outsmart, Outmaneuver, and Outsell the Competition.”

During this program, he will address:


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