MarketingOS Masterclass: The Key to Account-Based Marketing Success


It’s no secret – Account-Based Marketing (ABM) provides revenue teams with a proven, scalable way to maximize efficiency using fewer resources.

But simply adopting an ABM strategy is not enough to take down your top target accounts and fulfill the promise of ABM. Planning and executing a winning strategy can feel overwhelming and leave your team with countless questions such as:

If you’re looking to raise your average deal sizes, align your entire revenue organization at every stage, power up hyper-targeted, cross-channel campaigns, you need MarketingOS, the newest solution from ZoomInfo.

Join our next webinar where ABM experts discuss how MarketingOS provides an unparalleled view of buying signals in the market and an ABM platform that orchestrates the next-best-action across the entire revenue team…ensuring teams go-to-market together.

Your ABM webinar takeaways include how to:


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