Protect Your Business Outcomes from Bad Data with ZoomInfo + Snowflake

Thursday, November 4, 2021   |   02:00 PM EDT

Building an effective go-to-market engine rapidly and activating a unified data strategy is and should be top of mind for many organizations. Bad data and data decay weaken your CRM and sales and marketing automation tools. In turn, sales and marketing efforts — from prospecting to running email campaigns — are less effective.

How does dirty data affect your company’s bottom line? The impact of bad data on sales and marketing can range from a sluggish sales pipeline to catastrophic revenue loss.

Join Kristen Werner, Director Data Science & Engineering from Snowflake and ZoomInfo’s Vice President, Head of Enterprise Product & Sales, Amit Rai for a special webinar session on the strategic partnership with Snowflake and how it will improve data delivery services and unlock cohesive data story and strategy for your go-to-market teams.

You’ll learn in this webinar you won’t get anywhere else:

And much, much more!


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