Convert More Website Visitors to Customers with Data-Backed Conversational Marketing Strategies

Tuesday, August 17, 2021   |   02:00 PM EST

You’re scrolling through a website, and bam — there it is. That little chat pop-up in the corner that’s just calling your name (literally).

That piece of AI technology is revolutionizing the buyer journey today, and it may make you wonder: Is it time to add chat to your demand engine? Chances are you’ve probably encountered your fair share of chatbots as a buyer yourself. Today, more companies are adopting chatbots and conversational marketing platforms to utilize the strategic benefit of ‘Chat as a channel’ to capture attention, engage and enable visitors, and convert them to customers.

The biggest challenges buyers face are hard-to-navigate websites (34%) and being unable to get answers to simple questions (31%).

The last thing you need is for prospects to reach your site and bounce right off! We have the answers for you! Join our next Revenue Masterclass with Conversational Intelligence Experts as they discuss how to overcome some of the biggest challenges buyers face when visiting your website, maximize opportunities and win BIG with Chat!

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