SDR Masterclass: Perfect Your Sales Outreach Emails

Presented With: Gerry Casaletto, Sr. Sales Development Manager at Reveneer and Reed Newcomer, Account Manager at ZoomInfo

Tuesday, August 10, 2021   |   02:00 PM EDT

You send out emails to prospects hourly, but you don’t get the engagement or reaction you’re hoping for. This email is step one to creating and building the relationship with your next buyer, but what should you say? Also when should you send and how often? Email outreach is a tool, one that can either be seen as spam or a way to authentically share a product or service that would benefit the buyer and their company. You just need the sender to open and respond.

Before you hit send, tune into this SDR Masterclass to send more outreach emails that convert to future customers. 

What you’ll take away from our experts:


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