Stabilizing Sales: Looking Ahead to the Future of Selling

Presented With: Lori Richardson, CEO of Score More Sales

Thursday, January 7, 2021   |   02:00 PM EDT

In a world of unknowns, B2B sales professionals are finding it difficult to thrive. With ever-changing processes, roadblocks in prospecting, and work-from-home workflows, the future of sales remains uncertain. 

You may find yourself asking, can my selling be more effective? If so, what will it take? Hint: Consider combining confidence and sales strategies into a powerhouse of success. 

During our next webinar, Lori Richardson, CEO of Score More Sales, will outline how long-term sales strategy and confidence go hand-in-hand. You’ll walk away knowing how to: 

– Transform your current B2B sales strategies into long-term wins 

– Implement strategies to get back to a stable selling state 

– Create confidence (even with unknowns) across your sales team 

Start transforming your selling process with Lori’s help. Register today! 


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