The Art and Science of Intent-driven Campaigns​

Presented with: G2

Wednesday, June 22, 2022  |   2:00 PM ET

Capturing your target accounts’ attention is getting increasingly more challenging as buyers are becoming more independent in their research journey. According to G2’s Buyer Behavior Report, most buyers are using relevant content and peer review sites to compare their options without approaching a vendor’s sales team until most of their decision is made. And 54% of buyers need three months or fewer to make a software purchase decision of $20,000+. That’s not a lot of time to create purchase influence!

With a narrow window to uncover buyer interest in time, how can demand teams get in front of the right accounts early in the research journey? And how can you perfect your timing to get in the door before your competition? You need buyer intent, a clear action plan, and a 360° view of your target accounts.

Join Robin Izsak-Tseng, VP of Revenue Marketing at G2, and Ben Salzman, SVP of Special Projects at ZoomInfo, to learn why intent data is a must-have in your go-to-market motion.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

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