The Rise of Revenue Intelligence

How Revenue Operations Aligns the GTM Engine and Enables Predictable Outcomes

Presented With: Kyle Coleman VP, Revenue Growth & Enablement, Clari

Wednesday, March 24, 2021   |   02:00 PM EDT

Whether you’re a large enterprise team with hundreds of sellers or a fast-growing organization with tens of sellers, one thing is clear: Revenue can no longer be viewed just as an outcome. It’s a business process.

In fact, revenue is the most critical business process for any company and should be controlled, measured, and automated like any other process. While all sales and marketing teams focus on doing whatever it takes to hit their number every 90 days, many don’t treat revenue as an end-to-end process that can be managed for efficiency and predictability. Enter Stage Left: The Revenue Operations Team!

What if a Revenue Operations Team could predict your buyer’s next move before they even decide to make it?

In this era of remote selling, the ability to inspect your sellers’ deals and accounts throughout the revenue process is even more critical to having confidence you’re going to hit your number. Thanks to technological advancements and mass data collection, predicting buyer behavior has become a key component within the revenue process—and it’s changed the face of sales and marketing forever. 

Join our upcoming webinar with our partners at Clari as we discuss the importance of having a revenue process, a team to measure and automate it, and the key component you can’t forget: Revenue Intelligence.

In this webinar you will learn:


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