Tips to Decode Decision-Makers & Close More Deals

Presented With: Anthony Iannarino, B2B Sales Coach & Best Selling Author

Wednesday, September 29, 2021   |   12:00 PM EDT

Ultimately, the goal of every sales meeting is to close the deal or move it toward that result. To do so, it’s important to know how and when to talk about your solution and your company. Remember, you’re not selling to businesses, you’re selling to people.

Today decision-makers and decision-shapers you encounter won’t always tell you what they are thinking, especially when they can let you down easy and avoid any conflict. Knowing how to decode the language of decision-makers and how to unleash that sales pitch is what makes sales pros … well, pros.

Join our next webinar with Anthony Iannarino B2B Sales Coach and Best Selling Author and ZoomInfo Sales Leader, Sean Bartlett, as they share tips to master your next meeting, decode the language of decision-makers, and close more deals!

You will learn:


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