How to Operationalize Intent Data

Presented With:
Eric Wittlake, Sr. Marketing Analyst, TOPO
Hussam AlMukhtar, Sr Director, Strategic Marketing, ZoomInfo

Tuesday, September 22, 2020   |   04:00 PM EDT

The ability to identify which companies are most likely in the market for a solution today has made intent the fastest growing data category over the last two years, with use increasing from 28% to 62% in companies surveyed by TOPO.

Intent data gives go-to-market teams a way to select accounts, prioritize prospects, and gain additional insights that enable more relevant and timely outreach. Revenue organizations are incorporating this time-sensitive data into their workflow in both a structured and repeatable way.

So once you have intent data, how do you put it into practice?

Join Eric Wittlake, Senior Marketing Analyst at TOPO, and Hussam AlMukhtar, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at ZoomInfo, as they share research, trends, and perspectives to help you take intent data from merely adopted to successfully operational.

We’ll share information and insight on:

-Top intent data use cases for your entire revenue team

-How to properly react to intent signals while avoiding challenges

-Our considerations for integrating intent data into your tech stack

-What to consider for inbound and outbound go-to-market motions

You will be on your way to surfacing these insights to create an action plan that tracks the goals of your business.


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