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Accelerated Business Growth with Zoominfo + Microsoft Dynamics 365

Create a single source of the truth

Far too often, teams host data across multiple platforms which increases data decay and negatively impacts productivity. ZoomInfo and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are working together to improve the customer experience for current and future Microsoft Dynamics customers—and make data decay a worry of the past. The integration provides you a single source of truth for your B2B database.

Key Benefits

Unleash the power of ZoomInfo within Dynamics

You can seamlessly access ZoomInfo’s B2B database from within your Dynamics 365 system of record. Search ZoomInfo’s firmographic and demographic details to gather key account initiatives and persona-level insights without leaving your Dynamics account.

Create new records and eliminate data decay

With ZoomInfo and Dynamics, your system of record will be your single source of truth. You can create new records within Dynamics for accounts, contacts, leads, and update existing fields with ZoomInfo data points to ensure those records are up to date.

Manage how data is mapped and shared

As an administrator, you can easily set up the ZoomInfo native application within Dynamics for the entire account, and users will have seamless access to ZoomInfo data. You can also control which ZoomInfo fields push to Dynamics on an account level, contact level, and lead level.

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Bringing ZoomInfo into Dynamics 365 strengthens the capabilities of our leading CRM system. The ZoomInfo integration means our Dynamics 365 customers have even more insights to drive prospecting, targeting and ultimately engage more customers in the most efficient way possible. This integration helps better manage relationships and stakeholders throughout the sales funnel.
Ray Smith
General Manager of Dynamics 365, Microsoft

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